ROAM: A XTINA PARKS GALLERY brings the world of wildlife, nature, adventure, and ongoing conservation efforts to the beautiful Berkshires of New England. Located on the campus of MASS MoCA, the gallery endeavors to increase awareness of the individual global efforts being made by nature and wildlife photographers, and organizations that work to protect habitats and endangered wildlife. Our entire staff and team members’ hearts and efforts are with the wild animals that call Africa home.

Founded by African wildlife photographer and emerging conservationist Chrystina (Xtina) Geagan Parks, who has traveled extensively for many years throughout the continent, organizing and leading research teams to study habitat and the causes of destruction, while observing wildlife populations and behavior – all to support local governments and African people by encouraging advances to their policies, that in turn embolden stronger wildlife and habitat protections.

It is of vital importance that local peoples and communities be involved with conservation efforts in their homelands, and Xtina and her team are committed to preserving cultural histories, as well as by encouraging the development of eco-tourism to help support the livelihood of a community.  As people protect their local resources and habitats, wildlife is also protected, and tourism increased.  ROAM is dedicated to not only protecting land and habitat for wildlife, but to also honor those that live in these areas by respecting their cultural heritage.

All of us here at ROAM: A XTINA PARKS GALLERY direct our energy, resources, and efforts to bring the world of wildlife, to you. Thank you for taking this journey with us. It is just the beginning…