Xtina’s Story

Chrystina (Xtina) Geagan Parks is an African wildlife photographer, a filmmaker, an emerging conservationist, and an expedition leader working to save habitat and protect wildlife in Africa. She lives in Williamstown, MA and also has a home in Botswana, from where she can work throughout the continent of Africa to protect endangered species, to discover more about our world, and to help people along the way. She endeavors to encourage eco-tourism to promote a sustainable economic advantage in high-risk areas throughout Africa, especially in the remote areas of Ethiopia. Through the lens of her Nikon cameras, and by filming the adventures encountered in the African savannahs and jungles, Xtina hopes to learn, grow, contemplate, and inspire others. She wants to make a difference in our world, however big or small.

Xtina’s inaugural exhibition, “ROAM” includes limited-edition prints at the new gallery, Roam: A Xtina Parks Gallery. The gallery is located on the MASS MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) campus in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. ROAM Gallery is currently showcasing Xtina’s extensive body of work. It will also exhibit both well-known and up-and-coming photographers and African craft artisans from around the world. The gallery is aimed to increase awareness of the global efforts being made by wildlife photographers, artists and organizations, and a portion of all proceeds of her photography will be donated to WildAid.

Xtina Studios, a documentary film company is currently filming a documentary/reality series focused on an eclectic team of researchers and conservationists, led by Xtina Parks, while they work to save endangered species through surveying remote places while on research expeditions in perilous, and sometimes very dangerous areas of Africa. Xtina and her team have been working for over two years in a cloud forest filled with lions in Ethiopia, while also working to provide water to a remote village of over 1,000 people living without clean and accessible water.


Xtina is a Getty Images Contributor for both nature and wildlife films and photography. She is a strong supporter of WildAid and The African Wildlife Foundation and donates her time to photograph wildlife for their efforts. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally. Most recently her works have been published in Black and White Magazine, as well as many other publications and books. She is currently working on a photographic art book focused on African wildlife portraits and the very unique characters of individual wild animals, and how their personalities are just as unique as ours are as humans.

Xtina pursues the highest ethical photographic standards when photographing wildlife. What is important are the rights of animals, and a ‘shot’ is not worth jeopardizing another beings’ life or comfort.