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Julia Atlas

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Julia Atlas created a collection of prayer bead sculptures called "Studies of Peace,” jewelry for the home which was inspired by her Turkish and African roots.

Making a piece is a prayer delivered through each bead from the tip of Africa to the rest of the world. In African culture, it is common for people to express themselves through adornment of the body. Each piece of “Studies of Peace" was guided by Buddhist principles in their method of binding, in combination with a devotion to symbolism and the language of numbers.


They are similar to the rosary, the mala, the tesbih and komboloi , or worry bead, our common talisman. Buddhists say the beads are our illusory experiences of life and the thread is our essence, our truth. Place it where you will see it, for its energy to permeate. These beads are meant to be seen as a rich ornament of beauty and power.

For Inquiries please contact: ROAM@ROAMGALLERY.PHOTO


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