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Shepherd Ndudzo

Shepherd Ndudzo was born in Rusape, Zimbabwe in 1978, and currently lives and works in Botswana as a sculptor. Ndudzo learned sculpting from his father, Barnabas Ndudzo, also a renowned sculptor and attended a one-year course in Fine Arts at the University of Unisa, Tshwane. Presently he works from his studio in Gaborone Botswana. Made from Wild Syringa, Ironwood and stone, the natural beauty of his materials is further enhanced by his habit of sanding or carving patterns into it. Although based on his personal experiences, his works also draw on folk stories and address the socio-political crises affecting his home country, Zimbabwe.

Ndudzo’s work explores and celebrates the female form, in both playful and poetic pose. His inspiration is often based on his wife and daughters, but he also explores interpersonal relationships, as well as more universal issues, such as the unfolding tragedy of migrants leaving their countries. The combination of marble and granite (sourced from Namibia and Zambia) with the rich patina of ancient ironwood, all impenetrable substances, enriches the visual fluidity of the sculptural image. The contrast of dark wood with lighter stone surfaces, and their respective textured patterns allow light and shadow to play with the form, creating movement and energy, defying the static nature of the materials.

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