ROAM: A Xtina Parks Gallery is the Berkshires’ premier fine-art, African wildlife and nature photography gallery. This summer, ROAM is expanding to showcase a thoughtfully curated collection of contemporary and traditional artwork, ceramics, sculpture, woven linens, spirited jewelry, and many sustainable and fair-trade imports from Africa.

  ROAM is proud to represent and introduce African contemporary artists: Hennie Mayer, Andile Dyalvane, Diana Ferreira, Ronel Jordaan, Michael Methven, Clementina Van Der Walt, Gillian Fuller, and Julia Atlas, amongst others.

Our Goal:

To help people sustain themselves and their families by supporting Fair Trade practices.

 To help the environment by selling goods that are kind to the earth.

To protect the wildlife by giving them a voice,and to protect the habitats they call home.

Thank you for celebrating with us

as we take on all things upcycled, recycled, and created from the heart…

“Blocks” by Hennie Meyer

“Blocks” by Hennie Meyer

At ROAM, we take care to ensure that the works offered are ethically sourced.

The organizations and companies we work with help artisans and their families to lead fulfilling and empowered lives.

We actively support organizations who employ artisans that are affected by HIV / AIDS, and companies who provide education and opportunity to those who need it the most.

We can't wait to introduce you to our new friends and their incredible works of art!

“Pebbles” by Ronel Jordaan

“Pebbles” by Ronel Jordaan

Summer Hours: Open

SUN-WEDS 10 - 5, THURS-SAT 10 - 6 -



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