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Watch the first episode of our new series: ROAM with Xtina Parks!

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ROAM is a lifestyle brand of fine artwork, photography, Fair-Trade, furniture and design built upon the ethos of conservation, support, and preservation of African Culture and Wildlife Habitats.


Nestled within the lush green mountains of Williamstown, Massachusetts, in the iconic Northern Berkshires, ROAM's flagship location proudly presents a meticulously curated African Fair-Trade gallery. Delve into our exceptional African fine art and photography collections, and immerse yourself in the enchantment of our global cross-cultural activations. Step into a world where art, culture, and ethical craftsmanship converge.

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ROAM is an African Contemporary Art Gallery specializing in works of art, sculpture, photography, furniture, jewelry with an in-house interior design team. Xtina Studios teams work together to accomplish our shared vision:  to bring awareness of sustainable conservation initiatives which directly support Africa’s artists and people, as well as preserve and protect the African lands that are home to endangered species.  By showcasing African art and artists and through our media efforts we endeavor to protect habitats and wildlife through storytelling, and by supporting African culture and art.

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Xtina Parks is an African wildlife and landscape photographer, filmmaker, conservationist, researcher, gallery founder who’s works focus on the African natural world.  Her work in Africa began in 2011 as a photographer and has grown to encompass all aspects of conservation and the telling of stories that support both the people and the animals of the continent.


Xtina strives to reach across cultures and focuses her research efforts that help bridge the human-wildlife conflict due to dwindling habitats that also are home to people – hence the support of arts and culture directly supports people’s economic health, which lessens the stress on habitats and wildlife diversity preservation efforts.

16 Water St.

Williamstown, MA 01267



10 - 6:00

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